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Knut Mueller

- born in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
- 1970–1975 art studies at the College of Art "Burg Giebichenstein" in Halle
- 1975 diploma
- since 1986 he has worked as an independant photographer and multimedia artist
in Hamburg.
- 1988 founder of the photographers group MAGMA in Hamburg
- since 1989 he has worked in war zones, such as Afghanistan, Irak,Kosovo,
Somalia, Chechnya
- numerous publications in international magazines, such as Der Spiegel, Stern,
Geo, Figaro, Los Angeles Times, a.o.
- since 1998 he works on his art projects "War", "Armoured Nudes“, "Translation"
and "Mezzogiono in East-Germany"


1983 IX. Art Exhibition of the GDR in Dresden
2000 State Theatre in Prishtina / Kosovo
2003 Gallery Marktschlösschen in Halle
2003 ZeitKunst-Gallery in Halle
2004 Gallery Levy in Hamburg
2005 The Rissen House in Hamburg
2005 Cultural Centre in Halle
2005 Digitalart in Rödermark
2005 New Theatre in Halle
2005 Leucorea Foundation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg
2006 Photogallery Mühle Barby
2007 art-hall Villa Kobe in Halle
2008 Industrie- and Filmmuseum in Wolfen
2009 Artists House 188 in Halle
2009 Gallery at the Cathedralsquare in Halle
2009 Cathedral of Magdeburg
2010 Stammelbachspeicher in Hildesheim
2010 art-hall Villa Kobe in Halle
2011 art foundation of Saale Savings Bank
2011 studio of Lucas Cranach in Wittenberg
2012 KUB Gallery in Leipzig
2014 Gallery Zaglmaier in Halle
2017 Willi Sitte Gallery Merseburg

State Art Museum of Saxony-Anhalt "Moritzburg Foundation" in Halle

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